Sightseeing Tour of Singapore city on July 8, 2020:

The first complementary excursion tour in Singapore city is tentatively planned as below:

Tour Overview

Pick up from Hotel Village Changi -Walk through Little India-Walk through Chinatown-Walking tour of Kampong Glam Heritage Area-Walk through Bugis Street Market-Drop off at Hotel Village Changi.


Walk-through Little India:

Amuse your senses and savour the magic in the ethnic precinct of Little India on this walking tour. Begin at the Indian Heritage Centre and go into the narrow streets between pre-war conserved shop houses, and be dazzled by vendors hawking traditional wares like spices, gold, saris, and flower garlands. Walk to the Little India Arcade, where the bazaars will make you feel like you've been transported to New Delhi. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere while you browse silk saris, hand-made perfumes, and even try getting a henna tattoo from the locals! Navigate the market with its stalls of fruits and fresh meat while you absorb the sights and sounds in it.


Walk-through Chinatown:

Unearth the secrets of Chinatown with one-hour walk-through the ethnic precinct. Walk along the narrow streets between traditional shop houses and you can be sure that you're tracing the footsteps of migrants from an era long-gone. Let your guide tell you stories of these migrants and their hardships as coolies and labourers who lived in cramped spaces and worked for long hours. Along the way, discover the traditional trades of woodwork, Chinese medical halls, tea houses, calligraphy galleries, and bakeries that still survive to this day. Immerse yourself in the many streets with fascinating names, and allow your guide to share their origins with you. Lastly, visit the Buddha Tooth Relic temple-a testament to the multi-cultural and multi-religious society of Singapore.

The visitors may cherish lunch in Chinatown. Lunch/ refreshment is not included in the complementary tour.


Walking tour of Kampong Glam Heritage Area:

Kampong Glam has its origins as a thriving port town and is Singapore's oldest urban quarter. In Malay, the word kampong means "compound", while glam is often attributed to the gelam (long-leaved paperbark tree), which was found and used locally for boat-making, medicine and even as a seasoning for food. Kampong Glam's old street names are revealing. A stretch of Bussorah Street near Sultan Mosque was once known as Kampong Kaji, where pilgrims from Southeast Asia set off on their haj journey. Today, the grounds of the Istana (palace) is home to the Malay Heritage Centre, where visitors get many insights into Malay history and culture. Shopaholics, head to colourful Haji Lane-a row of multi-label stores, quirky boutiques as well as hip bars and cafes or pick up traditional wares such as Persian carpets, kebaya (traditional nonya dress) dresses and handmade perfumes from Arab Street and Bussorah Street. Kampong Glam truly comes alive during Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) leading up to Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


Walk through Bugis Street Market:

This place was world renowned in the 1950s till the 80s for its nightlife which involved transvestites and transsexuals. This led to its popularity among western travellers who came here for various reasons. In those days, Bugis street in Singapore was one of the most visited tourist areas of the country which raked in the biggest revenues. But after the 80s, the place slowly started losing its charm with a protest against indecency by the residents and also a fear of HIV spreading in the area. The original street was demolished and the whole place was subjected to a massive urban makeover with a right mix of malls, restaurants, cafes, street food and nightclubs. The new Bugis street was developed to put an end to those extraordinary and colorful days from the country's past. Now, the place has been totally revamped and renovated with the most modern looks and the only thing which remains as a memory from the past is its name- Bugis street.

Bugis Street which is a popular shopping destination, is also renowned for its reasonable pricing, awesome collection, and lip smacking delicacies.